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At Lions Fence we take fence installation and fence design very seriously.  Keeping our clients happy is our number one priority and we will work with you to ensure you have the perfect fence for your family home.  We are a local small business with multiple awards in fence contracting in the Northern Virginia area.  If you're looking for reliable local fence installation in the Northern Virginia area then you have come to the right place!   

Fence installation in an art and with a Degree in Art Design our owner has a keen eye for fence design like no other company in the Northern Virginia area.  To us a custom fence is more than something to keep out the deer or keep your animals in the yard, it is an addition to your house which, if designed, installed, and maintained correctly, can add value and beauty to your property. We mean it when we say "enhance your property - guard your privacy". 

We LOVE to do custom fence installations, especially contemporary fencing such as horizontal board, and of course we excel in traditional fence design.

We install horse fencing for larger properties with paddocks, using half round posts and oak boards.  Bring a beautiful modern rustic feel to your fields with our carefully designed and installed horse fences. 

We are a small local business in Northern Virginia with a solid reputation for installing quality custom wood fencing.  We will tackle any project small or large, contemporary or traditional.  

We are the best local family owned fence company specializing in:

Aluminum Fence Installation

Pool Code Fence Installation

Vinyl Fence Installation

Pasture Fence Installation

Picket Fence Installation

Privacy Fence Installation

Pet Containment Fence Installation

Decorative Fence Installation

Contemporary Fence Installation

Traditional Fence Installation

Boundary Fence Installation

Horse Fence Installation

Split Rail Fence Installation

Oak Board Fence Installation

We install fences for:

Town Houses, Single Family homes,  Farms ,and more.